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The information below outlines how the Faculty2Student Outreach tool will function to support communication with students in your courses. (To access the tool, we suggest using with the Google Chrome browser) 

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Communication Guidelines

Please consider how you develop your messages to students. Below are some suggestions:

  • Messages to students should be less formal, yet should include specific information (whether positive or constructive). 
  • Messages should be more frequent, especially when there are concerns about student performance or behaviors.
  • Messages should be supportive in nature and demonstrate a belief in their abilities. Difficulties are normal. Develop messages that normalize these difficulties but don’t negate the need for change/improvement.
  • Messages should never include student's grades, but can address a grading concern.

 Examples of concerning message:

  • “Your raw score on the exam was lower than I like to see. I believe that you can get a higher grade if you utilize a few available resources like tutoring or SI. Don’t hesitate to see me if you have other questions or concerns.”
  • “I’ve noticed you haven’t been to class regularly. Please make an effort to attend every class period so you can be successful in my class.”
  • “Your assignments have not been done as well as I would have hoped. I understand it is difficult to know how to study for and prepare assignments in Chemistry. You are not alone. There are many resources such as the Academic Success Centers, your SI leader, and myself available to you.”

What would you like to do?

Log in to the F2S Application:

  • Access the F2S Application and log in using your NAU login
  • Log into LOUIE with your NAU login and navigate to the Faculty Center, then click the F2S icon next to your class. 
  • Use the F2S Application – Or navigate to your Faculty Center in Louie and click on FS2 icon next to your class. (quick link for the link above is nau.edu/F2Soutreach)
  • Learn about F2S: