Frequently asked questions about FAAR

SOE Issues

Q: I worked on my Statement of Expectations, but now I can't find it. Is it lost? 

A: The message about the SOE appears on your homepage when you are first asked to complete it. This message disappears either when you submit your SOE or if you click on the delete icon. However, It is only the message that disappears. Any work you saved is still in the system.

Q: How do I find the SOE?

A: There is a "quicklink" to your SOE in the lower right corner of your homepage. Be sure to indicate the proper term when you look it up.

Q: Can I edit my SOE after it has been submitted?

A: Yes, but you will need to request that your chair send you the SOE form again to give you access.

Entering information

Q: I want to add information, but this isn't a workload period. Can I still add information?

A: Yes. Use the "workload form" option under the MY DATA tab. You cannot add information linked to specific courses until the workload period is open.

Q: Where do I put information about grants?

A: In the workload form, grants are entered as scholarly contributions and creative productions.

Q: Where do I list awards?

A: List awards on the Profile Form (in the MY DATA tab)

Q: How do I get course evaluations into the teaching sections?

A: You attach the electronic versions (pdf files).

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