PEP Student Information

NAU Professional Education Programs (PEP) are the only nationally accredited programs in the state. NAU graduates are highly sought after for teaching positions by districts and certified teachers are in high demand in Arizona. NAU PEP includes educator preparation and related professional programs from four NAU colleges.  Any program at NAU that prepares teachers, school administrators, counselors, psychologists or speech therapists are part of the Professional Education Programs. NAU PEP consists of undergraduate, post-degree certificate and graduate programs across four colleges.

For more information about NAU’s initial teacher preparation programs, see the links below.

Institutional Recommendation (IR)

NAU’s initial teacher preparation programs are approved by the Arizona State Board of Education. Candidates graduating from an NAU program leading to teacher certification will be eligible for an Institutional Recommendation (IR). The graduate presents the IR issued by NAU to the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) along with all other required documentation. The IR allows ADE to process the graduate’s application for a teacher certificate without further transcript review.

Non-Resident Professional Licensure Information

If you are not a resident of Arizona, and you are taking an online course or program leading to professional licensure, NAU cannot confirm whether the course or program meets requirements for professional licensure in your state. Please check with the appropriate licensing board in your state to determine whether the course or program meets requirements for licensure in your state.