Colleague to Colleague Mentorship program

The Faculty Professional Development Program is committed to providing a supportive community for all faculty members at Northern Arizona University.

Research has shown that participation in a formal mentorship program plays a significant role in faculty members’ sense of personal, social, and professional well-being. It is a “powerful predictor of ‘good starts’ for new faculty” as well as results in “more advanced professional skills, higher levels of research productivity, and greater career advancement” (Boice 2000). Formal mentoring also delivers crucial benefits for senior faculty, revitalizing their approaches to their profession as well as harnessing their considerable expertise and experiences (George, 1997; Martin, 2002; Tauer, 2002).

The Colleague-to-Colleague Mentorship Program at Northern Arizona University fosters purposeful matches between faculty members, addressing these major goals:

  • To promote an ongoing sense of community for faculty at NAU
  • To invite feelings of collegiality and shared opportunities
  • To encourage all faculty to achieve their full potential
  • To assist new faculty in understanding university culture
  • To offer support in the development of productive teaching and research agenda
  • To create opportunities for maintaining a broad network of professional colleagues

Since Fall 2002, veteran faculty have served as mentors, fostering invaluable relationships with new faculty members with whom they are matched.

Information and application for prospective mentors here.

Information for new faculty and Request-for-Mentor form here.