University Undergraduate Committee

The University Undergraduate Committee is charged by the Faculty Senate to establish and maintain standards, policies, and procedures to ensure university undergraduate curricula comply with the stated mission and goals of Northern Arizona University. The UUC accomplishes this charge by:

  • articulating standards for undergraduate study across disciplines, ensuring the general expectations and performance of undergraduate students are appropriate to undergraduate-level academic programs and certificates;
  • providing meaningful feedback on newly proposed undergraduate degree and certificate plans in relation to NAU’s current programs, to the academic unit’s Dean and Provost; 
  • reviewing sections of an undergraduate program’s Academic Program Review or Specialized Accreditation report that pertain to undergraduate curriculum, using the Degree Program Expectations to provide recommendations to the academic units, the academic unit’s Dean, and the Provost for consideration in the academic unit’s Action Plan; and
  • making recommendations to an academic unit’s Dean, the Provost, and the Curriculum and Assessment Coordinating Committee, regarding an academic unit’s achievement of Degree Program Expectations as documented in their Academic Program Review or External Accreditation report.