Liberal Studies Committee

The Liberal Studies Committee is charged by the Faculty Senate with managing the Liberal Studies Program, in consultation with the Liberal Studies Director, and ensuring that the Liberal Studies Program’s curricula is consistent with Northern Arizona University’s mission. The LSC accomplishes this charge by:

  • ensuring the Liberal Studies Program consistently imparts broad knowledge and intellectual concepts to students and develops skills and attitudes that Northern Arizona University believes every college-educated person should possess;
  • clearly establishing and communicating the purposes and intended learning outcomes of its requirements (Distribution Blocks, Junior Level Writing and Senior Capstone);
  • applying criteria aligned with strategic course design as articulated in NAU’s Degree Program Expectations to the review and possible approval of Liberal Studies courses for the Academic Catalog,
  • as part of an academic units’ Academic Program Review or Specialized Accreditation process:
    • reviewing academic unit’s Liberal Studies designated courses (Distribution Blocks, Junior Level Writing and Senior Capstone) to evaluate their alignment to Liberal Studies designation criterion,
    • providing recommendations to the academic unit, the academic unit’s Dean, and the Provost for consideration in the academic unit’s Action Plan concerning courses that are found to no longer align with Liberal Studies designation criterion; 
  • approving processes for assessing the learning outcomes of the Liberal Studies Program and approving continual improvement efforts for the program, particularly efforts related to student’s achievement of learning outcomes; and
  • examining general education frameworks and philosophies and adopting new approaches to remain up-to-date in the knowledge and skills students must learn in order to be successful in their post-baccalaureate endeavors.

The Liberal Studies Committee website provides: