Supporting academic growth and excellence

We are committed to providing high-quality educational opportunities of benefit to our students and to society. 

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Academic planning framework

During 2013-2014, the Provost's Academic Leadership Council collaborated with faculty from across campus to develop a shared approach to evaluating programs in terms of strategic priority, academic quality, and financial/resource implications.  We encourage units to consult the document in preparing for a program review, writing an action plan, or proposing new programs. The following process and templates should be used to submit academic degree  proposals for review. Contact the Office of the Provost for assistance with these materials and for information concerning name changes for academic units/degrees:

Academic program reviews and accreditation reviews

The Arizona Board of Regents require reviews of all academic programs every seven years. To learn more, read about program/accreditation reviews, and the schedule
Academic Program Review (APR) Summaries:

September 2016 ABOR Summaries
September 2015 ABOR Summaries
2014-2015 APR Summaries
2013-2014 APR Summaries 

Academic Strategic Plan

Current and past ABOR reports:

Blended learning and technology-enhanced instruction

Blended learning combines the best elements of face-to-face teaching (for example, oral communication) and online instruction (for example, thoughtful reflection, written communication, and exploration) in ways that improve student engagement and learning. See more details on NAU's Blended Learning Home Page. The e-Learning Center provides extensive support for faculty in finding and incorporating appropriate technologies in their courses.

Organizational changes


To propose organizational changes, use the following forms:

Center/institute proposals

  • Cover page for center/institute proposals
  • Format for center/institute proposals
  • Policy on the Establishment and Management of Research Centers at NAU

University curriculum reviews

Learn more about curriculum and assessment and required forms