Quick Facts

So you are interested in joining IGP... but what does it actually mean to you? How will your college career be different than not joining?
  • You are double majoring! This means you must complete the degree requirements for not ONE degree, but TWO! This indicates a serious academic commitment. You semesters are going to be pretty full, and it is absolutely vital that you stay on track with your degree requirements to be eligible in the program. But, hey! You will be graduating from NAU with twice as many degrees as the typical student!
  • You are joining a program that has significant required programming outside of your classroom time! This means you will be required to attend anywhere from 2-5 required meet-ups each semester in connection to IGP. These meet-ups are formulated to support and prepare you throughout your IGP journey.
  • You will be part of a close-knit community of like-minded students! This community represents hundreds of different double-major combinations, helping you to learn more and look at your own major with a new eyes and a fresh perspective. This community will support you during your rigorous academic career, and become your professional network upon graduation.
  • You are studying a language! Combined with the below point, this means that it’s important to not only succeed in getting good grades in your language courses, but it’s also absolutely vital that you engage seriously with the language and take every opportunity to practice. After 3 years at NAU, you will be LIVING in a country that speaks your language of study. You must be prepared to use what you have learned.
  • You will be spending one academic year living and going to school abroad! This is the centerpiece of the IGP program. This year will change you and your life, broadening your worldview, and providing you with priceless personal and professional development.
  • You are required to return to NAU after your year abroad for a minimum of 1-2 semesters! IGP students study abroad only after completing junior level requirements in both degrees. All students are required to return to NAU after their year abroad to complete their capstone coursework and participate in the IGP Summit.
  • You will be a student with NAU for a minimum of 4.5-5 years! In order to complete the requirements of this program, you will be extending beyond the standard 4 year program.
  • There will be some extra costs to your academic career:
    • You are eligible for a 5 year tuition-lock! IGP students are eligible to extend their 4-year NAU tuition-lock to 5-year as long as they complete all requirements of the IGP programs. This allows students and their families to accurately plan for financing the additional year of school.
    • Year abroad – the year abroad included in the program does have some additional costs associated, such as the education abroad application fee, visa related expenses, HTH International Health Insurance and transportation to and from your host country. Tuition during your year abroad remains the same; housing and meal expenses are paid in country, and can vary by location. For more information about costs while abroad, visit www.nau.edu/edabroad.
  • You will be graduating from one of the most unique global programs available to US students! You will leave IGP a global rockstar, with a portfolio of experiences and degrees that will set you apart and change who you are. The many intersections of IGP are a great source of ideas and enthusiasm that prepare you to think big as you move through your careers and the world.