IGP does NOT charge students to participate in the program. Our commitment? Keeping your education costs as low as possible, and providing resources to help students finance their education. This being said, there are additional costs associated with participation in the program.

  • Additional year of school (and extended NAU pledge tuition lock!)– as a double degree program, students are earning two times as many degrees as a normal undergraduate student, and this means it takes additional time. Fortunately, the NAU administration recognizes the hard work of IGP students and extends the NAU pledge tuition lock for the 5th year. This means students and their families can accurately plan for financing the additional year of school. Please note that should you delay your program, the pledge does not extend past year five. Additionally, if you drop or are dismissed from IGP, you are no longer eligible for the five-year pledge tuition lock and will return to the standard four-year tuition lock.
  • Year abroad – the year abroad in the program does have some additional costs associated, such as the education abroad application fee, visa related expenses, and transportation to and from your host country. Your tuition during your year abroad remains the same, and you pay your tuition charges within your Louie account as usual. Housing and meal expenses are paid in country, and can vary by location. Most are comparable to NAU prices, and some are even substantially cheaper. All of our students are covered by a very reasonably priced and robust international insurance plan. For more information about costs while abroad, talk with your Education Abroad adviser or visit their Finances webpage.


Education Abroad offers numerous scholarships for students studying abroad, and IGP students are very competitive candidates for these scholarships. Students typically apply for study abroad scholarships Spring semester their junior year. Visit for more scholarship information. Funding is out there!