University College

The University College forges a greater integration among first-year courses, academic support, advising and other student success programs, providing clear pathways for student achievement at Northern Arizona University. This cohesive approach aids in students' transition to college and lays the foundation for learning and degree completion. 

The University College has become a model for delivering freshman-year courses with increased student success and improved retention by: 

  • Sharpening focus on student achievement by creating a coherent design for first-year courses, academic support and co-curricular programming.
  • Creating a community of our accomplished teacher-scholars who commit to first-year teaching and support them to do their best work.
  • Promoting best practices for first-year course design.
  • Systematically assessing our efforts to understand how and what our students are learning and use the results to improve instruction and support programs.
  • Closely monitoring progress of first-year students and developing coordinated action plans for intervention, support.
  • Redesigning advising to focus on student decision making, planning and development of student responsibility and efficacy.
  • Creating distinct pathways for subgroups of our admitted students who will benefit from stronger support.
  • Creating a stronger framework for consistency of learning in the first year and beyond by situating the Liberal Studies program as a foundation for undergraduate learning.
  • Supporting innovation in teaching, learning, mentoring and advisement.
  • Increasing student academic and community engagement through deliberate coordination among curricular, co-curricular and experiential learning programs.

The University College is a tangible, positive move to a different way of doing things that will position Northern Arizona University and its students for the future. 

Find more information at the University College website.