NAU redefining itself through Student Success Initiatives

The mission of providing a premier undergraduate education is what drives the entire institution. It also is the foundation for a systematic reform of freshman learning that is emerging within the Student Success Initiative—the objective of which is to increase freshman retention and, ultimately, the percentage of students who complete their degrees.

The initiative includes efforts that focus on freshman skill-building, coordinated sections that improve consistency of the student experience, the piloting of proven modules/courses procured from commercial vendors, and multiple course delivery mechanisms. 

A number of changes already are under way—including the First-Year Learning Initiative and Student Success Coaches. Such innovations are in line with the way today's students learn and demonstrate that the effective use of technology is a key tool for increasing student retention.

Recent efforts include:

  • University College
    University College

    University College

    University College has become a model for delivering freshman-year courses with increased student success and improved retention.

  • Math

    Math Emporium

    The Lumberjack Mathematics Center has radically changed the way freshman math is taught at NAU. The center is based on the emporium model used by Virginia Tech, which has demonstrated a decrease in D's, F's and withdrawals for freshmen, lowering a major barrier to retention.