President’s Achievement Award

Each year, the president of Northern Arizona University awards special recognition to classified staff and service professionals to recognize outstanding performance. All nominations should be submitted to Ryan Thomas at or addressed to Ryan Thomas at P.O. Box 4030 via inter office mail.

Nomination criteria

  • Promotions of strong positive interpersonal relationships and working with others to create a sense of true community in the workplace.
  • Complete job mastery and performance that far exceeds Northern Arizona University expectations
  • Active support and loyalty to Northern Arizona University, its mission, values, and goals.


  • An employee must be in a full- or part-time regular position and , in good standing with the university, for three years. and have at least 3 years of performance appraisals.
  • Recipients from previous years are eligible if it has been at least five years since they received the award.
  • Prior nominees who were not selected to receive the award are eligible to be nominated again

Nomination process

Any university employee may nominate candidates who meet these criteria. 

Nomination Process

Nomination process


Nomination form

  • A Northern Arizona University employee can nominate another employee with the approval of the nominee's supervisor and the dean, director, or department head. 
  • Using the guidelines on the nomination form, the nominator should state the ways the individual nominee meets the criteria. This will include the names and phone numbers of two additional references, who have first-hand knowledge of the nominee’s job performance.
  • The screening committee will accept only one completed nomination form per nominated employee.
  • It is important that supervisors and/or the nominating party contact references in advance to ensure they are willing and able to provide to the committee information about the individual being nominated.

Deans, directors, department heads

  • Deans, directors and/or department heads review all nominations from their area and decide which to forward through their chain of command to their vice president. There is no set number of nominations that they may forward.
  • If the dean, director, and/or department head does not directly report to a vice-president area, the nominations should be forwarded to the next level up in the chain of command for endorsement.


  • Each vice president will review all classified staff and service professional nominations and select those they believe warrant further review by the screening committee.
  • All nominations forwarded to the screening committee will be reviewed on behalf of the president.

Screening committee

The screening committee will be comprised of representatives of:

  • the President's Office
  • Human Resources
  • Classified Staff Advisory Council
  • Service Professional Advisory Council

The screening committee will make recommendations to the president regarding employees they believe are most deserving of the award.


The president will review the recommendations of the screening committee and determine the final award recipients.


Award winners are announced in April. Recipients are awarded $1,000 and recognition by the president.

Previous winners

2017            2016               2015           



Julie Thurston  Christine Baca     Ryan Belnap  

Agnes Drogi

Jamie Axelrod

Dan Stoffel Christal Black   Megan Duskey

Patrick Fahey

Monica S’hang-ah Bai

Joey RuizTroy Campbell    Toni Fox

Lisa Ganey

Paul Capps

Karen BlalockJoelle Clark  Theresa Harmon

Wendy Garrison

Mike Harbottle

Kelly WestonTim Darby Cody Hodgeson

Maria Jackson

Nicole Harris

Mary HagerDana Middlebrook 
Pam Lynch-

Eileen Mahoney

Terri Hayes

 Rhonda Powers

Mansel A. Nelson

Mark Lord

 Marie Sather

Rosemary Rudy

Pam Torbico

 Ed Smith

Melinda Treml

Elmo Torrez

 Mary Kate Wolter

Shawna Whitehat

Bobbie Ursin