Arizona Board of Regents

The Arizona Board of Regents, established under the state constitution to serve as a governing body to oversee public higher education, is a composed of eight citizen volunteers and two students who are appointed by the state governor. The governor and the Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction serve as ex-officio members. The board's mission is to ensure qualified residents have access to undergraduate and graduate degree programs, and promote the discovery, application and dissemination of new knowledge, extending the benefits of university activities to all state residents.

The board creates policy and provides guidance on academic and student affairs, strategic plans, legal affairs and public outreach. The board regulates financial management, capital development and sets tuition and fees. 

The board's strategic plan outlines the path for the state universities to achieve the 2020 Vision goals based on each institution's differentiated mission to offer more opportunities to Arizona residents, maximize existing resources and create efficiencies through partnerships.

NAU President Rita Cheng presents NAU budget challenges, high performance and partnership success during regents meeting
Following the announcement of a $99 million budget cut to the state's universities by the Arizona Legislature, NAU President Rita Cheng, supported by top administrators and university partners, delivered a confident yet measured operational and financial review to the Arizona Board of Regents during their meeting in Flagstaff. Read more.
Cheng's statement on proposed budget reduction
As the most recent budget proposal comes to light, President Rita Cheng shares her view on reductions of this magnitude. Read more.
NAU contributes nearly $2 billion to Arizona economy, new study says
According to a new study conducted by the Arizona Rural Policy Institute, a unit of NAU's Alliance Bank Outreach Center, NAU contributes $1.85 billion in economic activity, which supports 20,300 Arizona jobs. Read more.
Cheng visits Legislature to discuss budget and NAU outcomes
 President Rita Cheng traveled to Phoenix this week to attend the Arizona House and Senate Appropriations Committee meetings. Read more.
Cheng 'optimistic, even proud' of NAU's upward trajectory
Rita Cheng delivered her first presentation as president of Northern Arizona University during an Arizona Board of Regents meeting in Sept. 2014, offering insights from her first five weeks on campus. The president highlighted areas in which the university has performed well—undergraduate education, outreach to underrepresented students and tapping in to alternative revenue streams and resources through partnerships with businesses and community colleges—while looking to the insights provided by metrics. Read more.
Student success at Arizona's public universities
Students from all three universities discuss opportunities and support found on campuses including interaction with faculty, clubs and internships, study abroad programs and career advising. Watch the video here
Research at Arizona's public universities
The state's three universities are translating research into real innovations, technologies and products that benefit Arizona's economy and the lives of its residents. Watch the video here
Arizona universities implement innovations that improve student success.
Northern Arizona University, the University of Arizona and Arizona State University have partnered with the state's community colleges to offer more pathways to a degree. This video highlights several of those collaborations, including the groundbreaking CCC2NAU program implemented by Coconino Community College and NAU in 2008. Watch the video here.
ABOR, universities stand united against guns on campus
The Arizona Board of Regents unanimously passed a resolution against allowing guns on university campuses during its regularly scheduled meeting in Tempe. The three university police chiefs presented on campus safety in relation to the latest proposed state legislation approved by the Arizona Senate Judiciary Committee. Read the full summary.
Regents pass zero-tolerance conduct policy
The Arizona Board of Regents unanimously passed a resolution that addresses violent or threatening conduct in the university system. The motion was passed during the regularly scheduled meeting held at the University of Arizona in Tucson. Read the full summary.