Parking and Shuttle Updates


  The northbound (Jacks Line) Rolle/McConnell Bus Stop will be permanently closed as of Monday, October 16, 2017. 

The new Pine Ridge Bus Stop replaces the above and is located at the entrance to parking lot p66a. 

The bus stop at parking lot p64 is also permanently closed as of Monday, October 16, 2017. 

Two new temporary bus stops are located on San Francisco Street. The northbound (Louie Line) bus stop is across from the dome at parking lot p65. The southbound (Jacks Line) bus stop is at the corner of San Francisco Street and Pine Knoll Drive.  


The Jacks Line will run clockwise around campus and the Louie Line will run counterclockwise. Please refer to the map at the bus shelter for our new routes. 

 For up to date information visit the Parking and Shuttle Services website or call 928-523-6623. 



 The Ardrey Shuttle Bus Stop is closed during construction. Alternate shuttle stops are available at the ARD and Geology buildings. 


             As of November 15, 2016, Mountain Line buses will no longer be trackable in TransLoc. Real time arrival of the Mountain Link Route 10 and all other Mountain Line buses can be found on the FLGRide app. 


A permit is now  required in all parking lots after 4:30 pm, Monday through Thursday. This includes lots P7A (HLC), P13 (Ardrey) and P62 (South Commuter) which previously did not require a permit after 4:30 pm. 

  • 1. Commuter students needing to park at night only may purchase a $4 evening single use permit at a kiosk or a $210/annual permit online at "Manage my Parking".
  • 2. Pay-by-phone options are at lots P62, P64, P66 (Pine Knoll Drive) for $3/hour and $5 for  two hours and after 4:30 pm also lot P13 (Cline Library) for $4/evening. Download the  Parkmobile app, register online at or call 877-727-5950 and create an account before using this option. Each lot has its own Parkmobile code as follows: P66  is zone 4690; P62 is zone 4692; P64 is zone 4691 and P13 is zone 4693.
  • 3. Lot P66 (Skydome) has permits for purchase at the Skydome kiosk for $1.50/hour or $7/day.
  • 4. New meters are available in lot P6 (South Beaver School).