Parking Policies

Thank you for getting informed on the education and appeal opportunities we provide.We are responsible for the enforcement of parking policies to ensure the safe movement and parking of all vehicles and non-pedestrian devices on campus, including bicycles

Read our current University Regulations for Parking and Traffic. Please also see our Parking Zones for information about the different parking permits available.

Parking Appeal and Diversion Program information

Diversion Program

The Diversion Program consists of a self-directed education and information opportunity. This program is open to members of the campus community with a valid LOUIE login. If you elect to participate in the Diversion Program the right to further appeal the violation on the first level appeal is waived. The second and third level appeals are still available after all criteria for those levels are completed. The Diversion Program is designed to help educate our campus community in order to prevent future citations. Only one violation is allowed to be sent through the Diversion Program per academic year. All other account citations that are appealable must go through the regular appeals process.
Parking violations not eligible for the Diversion Program are:
  • Parked in a restricted area
  • Parked in a disabled stall or access area
  • Immobilization fee
How to participate in the Diversion Program:


  • Send a request to within 14 calendar days from the date the citation was issued.
  • On the subject line type: Request for Diversion Program 
  • In the body include the citation number being requested for diversion.
  • The link to enroll in the class will be sent via email to enroll in the class.
  • Once the link is received and the class opened all modules will need to be completed and marked as reviewed prior to the next module opening up.
  • After all modules have been reviewed the link to take the test will be available. The test must be passed with an 80% or higher in order to have the fine waived. Two attempts to achieve the minimum score will be possible. There is a time limit of one hour per test attempt.
  • If the test is passed a link will then open up to complete a survey, this will need to be completed and submitted in order for the completion certificate to generate. The completion certificate will then need to be sent to within 14 calendar days from the date the class link is sent to participant.
  • Failure to complete any of these steps and submit the certificate within the 14 calendar day time frame will confirm the fine on the citation at this level. For further review the citation will have the option to go through the second level appeal as long as all criteria are met. 
  • Please see rules and regulations for second level appeal criteria.
  • If the test is not passed the fine will be confirmed at this level. For further review the citation will have the option to go through the second level appeal as long as all criteria are met. Please see rules and regulations for second level appeal criteria.

Submitting a first level appeal

Before proceeding to the appeal process, please review the following reasons that are not grounds for an appeal:

  • lack of knowledge of parking rules and regulations
  • lateness to a class or an appointment
  • employment related duties
  • disagreement with or inability to pay the fine

Appeals must be submitted online through your Manage My Parking account within 14 calendar days from the date the citation was issued. During the appeals process, the Appeals Officer may uphold, reverse, or modify the citation and/or penalty. The outcome of the appeals process is sent via your university e-mail account and will be listed on Manage My Parking


  1. Type in your citation number and your vehicle license plate accurately
  2. Find the citation you would like to appeal in the list of citations on the vehicle
  3. Review the information and check the box stating you understand the statements then click next
  4. Fill in the information required and comment box
  5. If you have additional documentation, you may attach it online, bring it to the Parking Office or submit it to
  6. Click submit


Second level appeal

A second-level appeal process is available for those who would like reconsideration of the original decision. A second level appeal may only be submitted once the first level appeal decision has been rendered. The Appeals Board is composed of representatives from faculty, staff, and students. 
Note: To be eligible, you must submit the Second Level Appeals Board form and proof of payment within 10 business days from the date the initial appeal was adjudicated.

The Appeals Board meets quarterly in the months of January, April, July and October.