Parking Policies

We are responsible for the enforcement of parking policies to ensure the safe movement and parking of all vehicles and non-pedestrian devices on campus, including bicycles. Read our current University Regulations for Parking and Traffic. Please also see our Parking Zones for information about the different parking permits available.

Parking appeal information

If you believe you received a citation in error, the Appeals Office provides an outlet of due process. 

Submitting your appeal

Appeals must be submitted online through your manage my parking account within 10 business days of the date the citation was issued. During the appeals process, the Appeals Officer may uphold, reverse, or modify the citation and/or penalty. The outcome of the appeals process is sent via your university e-mail account and will be listed on Manage My Parking

Second level appeal

A second-level appeal process is available for those who would like reconsideration of the original decision. The Appeals Board is composed of representatives from faculty, staff, and students. 
Note: To be eligible, you must submit the Appeals Board form and proof of payment within 10 business days from the date the initial appeal was adjudicated.