PSS encourages students, faculty, staff and university guests who plan to park on campus to be familiar with, and to park in accordance with, university parking rules and regulations. It is necessary for PSS to enforce these regulations, and in some cases to the extent of booting or towing habitual violators in order to provide appropriate parking accommodations for permit holders or paying visitors. The most effective way to avoid having a vehicle booted or towed is to adhere to all posted regulations, lot entry signage and permit requirements.


  • PSS has the authority to relocate or tow any vehicle in an emergency situation
  • Vehicles are subject to be booted or towed for: 
    • outstanding fines of $150 or more
    • three or more non-processed citations           
    • displaying a lost, stolen, altered or counterfeit permit
  • Tampering with or trying to remove the immobilization device prior to citations being paid may result in the vehicle being immediately towed, additional fines and a Code of Conduct reporting

Boot Release

  • Contact the Parking Office: Monday to Friday 7:30 am to 4:30 pm at 928-523-6623
  • Contact Dispatch: Monday to Thursday 4:30 pm to 10:00 pm at 928-523-9066.
  • Pay all outstanding parking fines
  • Pay for the removal of the immobilization device
  • Provide NAU ID or a valid driver's license and proof of payment