Guest Parking

Dome 470

Welcome to our beautiful campus. We hope you enjoy your visit.

Year-round, a vehicle must display a valid permit to park on campus Monday through Friday excluding parking lots that are free after 4:30 p.m. These lots include P7A (north of the Health and Learning Center), P13 (behind Cline library), and P62 (near I-40). ADA stalls are available and require an ADA placard in conjunction with a valid university parking permit. If a disability-access stall is unavailable parking is permitted in any non-reserved stall. Free parking is available on weekends and university recognized holidays in employee and commuter lots unless otherwise noted. Weekend guests must display an American Disabilities Act (ADA) placard to use ADA stalls.

If you are a guest, we provide a number of parking options. After parking, you may use the shuttle service at no charge to travel around campus. Options are available if you are:

  • visiting for the day or just a couple of hours
  • driving a government vehicle
  • coming on campus for a specific event
  • looking for parking for your construction team
  • a vendor for an event

Visiting for the day or just a couple of hours

Pay-and-display kiosks - Located at most entrances to campus and offers daily and hourly permits for north campus (P13 behind Cline library) and south campus (P62 near I-40, P64 NAUPD/Capital Assets, and P66 Skydome). A day permit costs $7 and an hourly permit costs $1.50 with a maximum of two hours. The kiosks are located on:

  • Knoles Drive
  • McConnell Drive
  • San Francisco Street
  • Riordan Road

Pay-by-space kiosks - Located in designated lots and offers a limited number of spaces for short term parking. An hourly permit costs $1.50 with a maximum of two hours. The kiosks are located in:

 P16 (Union)

  • P45 (du Bois)

 Note: The kiosks and garages accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and debit cards with Visa and MasterCard logos only. The garages also accept JDE.  

Parking garages - Located on Knoles Drive and San Francisco Street and offers day and hourly permits. A day permits costs $10 and the hourly permit costs $2. 

Online purchasing - A day permit may be purchased and printed from home or office. Simply log into "Manage My Parking", create a guest account, and select "purchase permit." The available locations are the same as the pay-and-display options. A day permit costs $7. Print the temporary permit and display it in its entirely on the passenger side windshield when parked.  

In-person purchasing - A day permit may be purchased at our office located in the Centennial building (#91). Our office accepts major credit cards only. A cash or check payment may be made at Student and Departmental Account Services located in the Gammage building (#1). If you only have cash call our office at 928-523-6623 so that we may provide assistance and directions.

Note:  For all purchases, the permit must be displayed in its entirety on the passenger side windshield when parked. 

After parking, guests may use the shuttle service to travel around campus at no charge.

Government vehicle

A vehicle displaying a government license plate does not require a permit. These license plates typically begin with the letter "G" or have some other indicator that they are a government vehicle. Feel free to contact our office to verify your vehicle will not require a permit.

Specific Event: Conference and Department (guest) parking permit request

University departments may order guest permits to be used on a specific date (conference permits) or as needed throughout the year (department permits). A department permit is valid for up to three consecutive business days. A conference or department permit costs $4 per personal vehicle and $10 per bus, per day when paying with a department account and ordered with a minimum of two business days advanced notice. We will notify the requester when the order is ready to be picked up at our office located in the Centennial building (#91). Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Departments issuing department permits are required to keep a Guest Issuance Log. Download one of the forms below:

Note: Conference and Department permits may not be issued to faculty, staff, or students. Permits may not be issued to a vehicle registered to a current Northern Arizona University parking permit.

Departments issuing supplemental permits are required to keep a log of faculty, staff, and student information on the Supplemental Permit Issuance Log. Download one of the forms below:

Note: A supplemental permit must be used in conjunction with a valid parking permit. Both permits must be displayed on the passenger side of dashboard with date display face up, and the entire permit displayed at all times.

Construction team

A vehicle must display a valid permit inside a lay down or site fence area. To obtain permits for campus projects please go through the Project Manager designated to the project by Facility Services. The need for project parking will be determined by our office and the Project Manager. Due to multiple projects progressing across campus, permit holders, and guests requiring parking it may not always be possible for all construction personnel to be parked on site or near the work area. At least one All-Area permit will be issued to facilitate meetings across campus or any other need for vehicle movement. The job superintendent may use the All-Area permit for personal use or allow other vehicles on the job site usage as need arises. If the superintendent has a need for another vehicle to be in the site area he/she will then need to park their vehicle in the same zone as the other permitted vehicles. Additional vehicles will need to park in a designated location provided there is space available. A citation issued to a vehicle will be the responsibility of the driver. A vehicle owing a balance of $150 or more is subject to towing, impoundment, or immobilization at the owner's expense.


A vendor is eligible to purchase an All-Vendor permit and may park in any non-restricted stalls, service vehicle stalls for up to 30 minutes and 15 minute parking no permit stalls, but cannot park in a pay-by-space stall or parking garage. A vendor permit may have up to five vehicles on campus as long as they are displaying a valid permit. Once a business card or other validation has been filed with us a daily permit may be purchased in our office during regular business hours or yearly permits may be purchased online. Visit our rates page for current rates.