Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do zones sell out?
Yes, R2 stalls within parking lot 7A (north parking lot of the Health and Learning Center) and NC (behind Cline Library) zones sell out quickly. Permits go on sale August 1st and you can reserve the permit without paying for it until tuition and other fees are due in the fall.

Q: I share a permit with my friend, but sometimes we need to park on campus at the same time. What are my options?
Semester or yearly permits may have up to ten vehicles registered to them, with only one vehicle displaying the permit parked on campus at any given time. Additional vehicles associated to the permit may park on campus simultaneously by utilizing any short-term or daily option (meters, garages, etc.) and displaying a valid permit. Permit owners are responsible for citations that are issued to any vehicle displaying or registered to their permit without regard to the operator of the vehicle displaying the permit.

Q: I forgot to move my permit to the vehicle I am driving today. How can I avoid being cited?
 We offer ten "oops" day permits at no additional cost for just this type of situation. Oops permits may be obtained by visiting our office Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. located in the Centennial building (#91). If you have already received your ten days for the academic year, you may purchase a daily permit in our office or online (employees and commuters only) for a cost of $7.

Q: How do I add a vehicle to my permit?
Yearly and semester permits are repositionable and may have up to ten vehicles registered to them, with only one vehicle displaying the permit parked on campus at any given time. A vehicle may be added to the permit by visiting and logging into “Manage My Parking” then selecting “Manage My Vehicles.” The added vehicle will automatically link to any current permit. When adding a vehicle to your account you are assuming all responsibility for any citations or fees associated with the vehicle.

Q: How do I remove a vehicle from my account/permit?
The vehicle is eligible for removal from the account once the account balance is zero by emailing Please be aware that future citations issued to the removed vehicle may result in the vehicle being re-associated to the account. It is the responsibility of the registered owner or primary driver to notify PSS immediately if the vehicle is stolen or sold to another party.

Q: I have a transportation charge on my account. What does that pay for?
The transportation charge covers a portion of the operating costs to provide shuttle services and other transportation related expenses (bike lockers, bike registration, pedestrian/bike path signage and improvements). The fee is charged to Flagstaff Campus students. Students who purchase a parking permit, after the charge has been posted, will be credited the fee up until mid-term of the semester. Students assigned student teaching, an internship, or study abroad will be credited the fee with supporting documentation. Requests should be submitted online at Attach offer/assignment documentation as needed. The deadline for submitting this form is the end of the fifth week of each semester.

Q: I locked my keys in my car. Can you help?
PSS offers vehicle jump starts, tire inflation (we are unable to change tires), lockouts if your keys get locked in your vehicle on campus, a one time gallon of gas, and bike lock cuts to registered bikes. The service operates Monday through Thursday 7:30 AM to 10 PM and Friday 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM during fall and spring semesters. Monday through Friday 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM during breaks, university closures, and summer. For Motorist Assistance call (928)523-9066.

Q: I ordered a parking garage permit. How do I have access while I'm waiting for my permit?
The empl ID will be added to the permit after midnight on the day of purchase. When entering the facility the ID will be entered using the seven digit code only, do not use the preceding zero's, followed by the pound (hash tag) sign. Please use the call button for any issues or call our dispatch line at 928-523-9066.

Q: The adhesive on my permit is damaged/lost its stickiness. What can I do?
Yearly and semester permits that have lost the adhesiveness may be exchanged at no charge. 

Q: I moved to another residence. Can I exchange my permit?
A permit may be exchanged at any time of the year, based on space availability and residential status, for a $5 exchange fee plus the difference in upgrading if required. This fee is waived for students who are placed in temporary housing and then receive their permanent assignment. If exchanging a permit, the vehicle must park in the original zone until the exchange is completed and the vehicle(s) linked to the permit.

Q: I am an employee, but rarely drive to campus. I have an appointment this week and need to bring my car. How can I park near my office?
Simply come into our office with your vehicle information on or before the day you need a permit. We can issue you a temporary employee day permit for $7. Daily permits are also available online by visiting Manage My Parking. Print the temporary permit and display it in its entirety on the passenger side windshield when parked on campus.

Q: Should I order a full-year permit if I am not sure I will be returning in the spring?
A: A full-year permit is more cost-efficient than ordering two semester permits. Refunds are not issued for a full-year permit other than the first two weeks of the fall semester. If you will not be returning for the spring semester, please use your discretion when ordering your parking permit to ensure that you are not overpaying, or paying for a permit you will not use. View a complete list of parking permit rates.

If your intent to return for spring is contingent upon approval of your application for study abroad, an internship program, or a student teaching program, please contact our office to request an exception. We encourage students to purchase a full year permit to save money in case the application is not approved, but if accepted to a student abroad program, internship, or student teaching, you may return the permit for a partial refund.

Q: I received a citation for the first time. What should I do?
If you have a university account, the charge will post within 48 hours. Once posted to LOUIE, the citation may then be paid online or a cash or check payment made at Student and Departmental Account Services (Gammage building #1). If you do not have a LOUIE account, log into Manage My Parking located at and create a guest account or pay in our office using major credit cards only.  

Q: I have classes and an off-campus job and am very busy. Why can't I just drive and park where I want to?
A: The size of our campus community and number of vehicles on campus each day has caused serious traffic congestion and pedestrian safety issues in the past. Without parking regulations, drivers would spend more time driving and searching for a parking space. By designating parking areas during peak times, it allows for all people on campus to travel more efficiently and safely.

Q: I own a south commuter permit, but I use Campus Recreation Services exercise equipment. Can I just park next to the Health and Learning Center?
During the day, the campus shuttle service can transport you from south campus to north campus. After 4:30 p.m., your south commuter permit may be used in lots designated as "all permits after 4:30 p.m." the nearest ones being  lot P28A or P6, excluding any designated stalls within the lots. The parking lot north of HLC is authorized for resident and employee permits 24 hours/day and not available for SC permits.

Q: I drove my quad/scooter/golf cart to campus.  Do I still need a permit, and where can I park?
A: Motorized devices that require a license plate are required to have a permit. Devices not required to bear a license plate may only park in bike racks.

Q: I use a skateboard or rollerblades to get around campus. Do I need to do anything?
A: There are campus regulations that specifically address skateboards and rollerblades in our rules and regulations. While you do not need to register either one, you must adhere to the policies regarding usage on campus. 

Q: I need to visit Health Services. Where do I park?
 Health Services pays for client parking. Parking is located in the Health and Learning Center lot south of the building (P28A). A code is required to enter at the kiosk to receive a free temporary parking permit, and is included in the appointment reminder email. If you visit Health Services as a walk-in client, follow the instructions on the kiosk located in the parking lot. The temporary permit should be displayed in its entirety on the passenger side windshield, and expires two hours after issuance.

Q: I need to visit Health Professions. Where do I park?
  Health Professions pays for non-affiliated client parking. Parking is located on south campus in lot P48A. A permit is issued from the kiosk with a code given to you by them. The temporary permit should be displayed in its entirety on the passenger side windshield. Students, staff and faculty are ineligible to use Health Professions permits and may utilize any short-term parking option. 

Q: I've noticed some parking stalls are designated as "Pay by Space" and want to know what they mean.
  A limited number of spaces are designated as pay-by-space stalls for short-term parking and are located in P16 (Union/Fieldhouse) and P45 (du Bois). The kiosk is located in the parking lot for permit issuance. A thirty minute interval costs $1.50 with a maximum of two hours. The temporary permit should be displayed in its entirety on the passenger side windshield so it is visible from the outside.

Q: I've noticed some parking zones are offered at the kiosks. What zones and options are offered?
 Kiosks are located at most entrances to campus and  hourly permits for south commuter lots  (P62 or P64) at a cost of $3.00/ hour for up to two hours. Another option is to park in lot P66 at the Skydome, pay $1.50/ hour or $7/day at the kiosk there and take the campus shuttle to your destination. The temporary permit should be displayed in its entirety on the passenger side windshield so it is visible from the outside.

Q: If I have a current valid permit may I use the "15 Minute Parking No Permit Required" stalls?
  Yes. These stalls may be utilized with or without a valid permit for the allotted time period.