Conference and Department Permit Request

The rate for a daily permit is $5 (NAU department),  $7 (non-NAU department) and $10 per over-sized  (taking up two stalls) when ordered with a minimum of two business days advanced notice. Requests made with less than two business days’ notice will be charged an expedited fee of 15% per permit per day. Departments requesting garage parking are provided one exit for each "permit". If multiple exits per permit is needed, please contact Parking and Shuttle Services. 

Department/Organization Information

Event Information

Choose the Department permits checkbox or enter event dates


Number of Permits Requested

*When possible, permit(s) will be issued for parking zones nearest event location. We will do our best to accommodate requested lot(s).


By submitting this request, I understand I am to inform the end user that he or she must follow the guidelines set by NAU’s Parking and Shuttle Services Rules and Regulations, and agree to abide by the guidelines outlined on this form. Misinformation exposes guests to a possible citation, resulting in a negative experience, and should be avoided at all costs.


  • A refund will not be issued for an unused permit.
  • A replacement fee will be assessed for a lost permit.
  • A permit does not ensure availability of parking near destination, but grants the privilege of parking when space is available.
  • A permit is valid only for the area(s) designated
  • A conference or department permit is not valid for student, staff, or faculty use.
  • A permit is not valid at stalls designated as pay by space, service vehicle or loading zone, or as restricted by any posted sign.
  • A permit cannot be altered or changed in any manner by the department employee issuing the permit, or by the guest.
  • A permit must be placed face up on the passenger side of dashboard with entire permit displayed at all times.
  • For a department permit, a permanent marker should be used to fill in the valid date(s) for maximum of three consecutive business days. Do not issue empty dated permits.
  • Departments are required to keep a log of all issued permits. Guest information should be entered on the Guest Issuance Log. Parking and Shuttle Services reserves the right to inspect the log upon request.
  • A government vehicle displaying a government license plate does require a permit.
  • A citation issued must be paid or appealed by the person who received the citation, NOT by the department.
  • Parking and Shuttle Services reserves the right to revoke or deny the issuance of a conference/department permit, to recall any unused permits, and to inspect the Guest Issuance Log at any time.