Charter Service Request Form

The rate for a charter includes a charge of $125 per bus, or $75 per 12 passenger van, per day, $2 per mile, and $25 per hour for a driver on overtime. (Every effort will be made to secure a student employee at $15 per hour.) If alcohol will be consumed before or at the event a $300 deposit is required in addition to a security guard at $25 per hour. (Once again, every effort will be made to secure a student employee at $15 per hour.) The deposit will be credited to the final cost of the charter. The security guard will be provided by Parking and Shuttle Services.

Note: All Greek organizations requesting transportation must forward their GAMMA registration approval email from Alaina Agnew before services are guaranteed. Send this to:



By submitting this request, I agree to abide by the guidelines outlined on this form.



Vehicle request procedures

  • A request is submitted online at A follow up phone call to confirm request was received can be made to 928-523-5031, or 928-523-5052.
  • Whenever possible, Parking and Shuttle Services will coordinate its efforts with local vendors and resources available through the Transportation Service Center to fill all requests.
  • To allow sufficient time to effectively schedule mass transportation requirements, a charter request should be submitted at least one week prior to the date of departure.
  • A bus will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.
  • A charter may not be available if it will interrupt normal shuttle service operations.


  • Every effort should be made to cancel travel plans for a scheduled charter.
  • Parking and Shuttle Services reserves the right to bill a $100 cancellation fee per bus  to an organization which fails to cancel a requested charter at least one week prior to the scheduled date of departure.
  • Please make sure you receive a cancellation confirmation to avoid the cancellation fee.

Driver Time/Security Guard Time

  • Parking and Shuttle Services is financially responsible for the driver’s/security guard’s time during a normal work day schedule. Time which precedes or exceeds the normal work day will be charged to the user in compliance with the current rate structure.

Vehicle Abuse

  • Eating and drinking on a university bus is prohibited. An organization which fails to observe this rule will be assessed a cleaning fee for time and material used during cleanup.
  • Alcohol is prohibited on a university bus.
  • An organization or individual may be billed for the actual cost to repair a bus, when there is damage caused by the chartering group.