Bike Maintenance

Keep your bicycle working by following this simple maintenance checklist. Visit the Bike Hub on campus or one of Flagstaff's many bicycle shops for further assistance.

Maintenance checklist

  • Saddle: With the ball of the foot on the pedal while it is in the lowest position, adjust the seat height so that your legs bend only slightly. Tighten the seat securely.
  • Brakes: Your brake(s) must be able to come to a complete stop on dry, level, or clean pavement.
  • Handlebars: Handlebar grips should be below your shoulders to allow safe maneuverability and control of your bicycle.
  • Pedals: Keep them greased. Make sure they have reflectors.
  • Wheels and spokes: Keep wheels tight and replace broken spokes promptly. When in doubt, take it to an expert.
  • Chain: Lubricate your chain often with a dry lube, especially after it rains or snows.