How We Pick Our Topics

The people decide. Hot Topics are selected by committees that represent diverse constituencies and viewpoints. The Hot Topics discussed on the university's campus are selected by the campus committee. The Hot Topics that take place off campus are selected by a community committee.

Campus Committee
*Voted to select “hot topics” for the Spring of 2014.

*Zachary Gerber, Math major/Physics major, Philosophy minor
*Cynthia Haros, Philosophy in the Public Interest
*Javier Herrera, ART (Action Research Team) member
*Samantha Hudson, ART (Action Research Team) member
*Sara Larsen, No More Deaths
*Oregon McDiarmid, Student State Affairs Director, ASNAU
*Abdu Mohamed, ART (Action Research Team) member
*Emily O'Niel, No More Deaths
*Jeremiah Quintanilla, Philosophy in the Public Interest
*Matthew Salte, ART (Action Research Team) member
*Danielle Sloan, Philosophy in the Public Interest
*Christopher Varvey, ART (Action Research Team) member
*Anthony Wallace, Philosophy in the Public Interest
*Bianca Weiro, ART (Action Research Team) member
*Cynthia Yap, ASNAU
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The Campus Committee is comprised of a diverse group of students who selected issues for the spring of 2014 that are most relevant to them. This group is currently being expanded to include an even wider range of students, faculty, and staff who will choose topics for the fall of 2014.

Community Committee



Allan Affeldt, Owner-La Posada; Founder, Winslow Arts Trust; Former Mayor, City of Winslow; Museum of Northern Arizona Board Member, Arizona Town Hall Board Member, Arizona Citizens for the Arts Board Member
Joseph Boles, NAU Professor Emeritus
Scott Deasy, Deacon of Epiphany Episcopal Church, semi-retired OB/GYN
Coral Evans, City Council
Jean Friedland, Compassion Project, Northern Arizona University
Patty Garcia, Coconino Community College District Governing Board, Nuestras Raices, Raymond Educational Foundation Board
Jacque Gencarlelle, Prevention Program Manager, Northern Arizona Regional Behavioral Health Authority
Wayne Ranney, Geologist, Author, Museum of Northern Arizona Board Member, Grand Canyon Historical Society, Flagstaff Festival of Science Board of Directors
Craig Van Slyke, Dean, Northern Arizona University Franke College of Business
Michael Vincent, Dean, Northern Arizona University College of Arts and Letters
Randy Wilson, Editor, Arizona Daily Sun
Harriet Young, First Vice Chair of the Arizona Democratic Party, Arizona Town Hall Member, Member of the Museum of Northern Arizona, Member of the Arboretum at Flagstaff, President of American Association of University Women Flagstaff Branch, NAU Department of Politics and International Affairs since 1992, Philosophy in the Public Interest Advisory Board

Sedona & the Verde Valley

Jennifer Epperson, Executive Director, Imagiventure Foundation
Angela LeFevre, Board and past president of the Democrats of the Red Rocks, Board Member for: Arizona Planned Parenthood, Keep Sedona Beautiful
Barbara Litrell, Sedona City Council
Elemer Magaziner, Sedona Citizens for Civil Dialogue
Dan McIlroy, Sedona City Council
John Neville, Executive Director, Sustainable Arizona
Judy Reddington, NAU's Arts and Letters Advisory Council, Board Member for: Museum of Northern Arizona, Sedona International Film Festival
Doug Von Gausig, Mayor of Clarkdale, Executive Director of Verde River Institute
Del Weston, Marketing, Hypertherm, Inc., Board Member for Sedona YMCA
Jessica Williamson, Sedona City Council
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The Community Committee is comprised of a diverse group of community leaders who represent various constituencies in northern Arizona. Committee members seek input from their various constituencies about the most pressing community concerns. Committee members also promote the Hot Topics Café to their constituencies, providing a diverse group to engage in civil conversations. The Community and Campus Committees represent and reaffirm that Hot Topics Café is a nonpartisan program that encourages broad-based civic education and participation.