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The central mission of PPI is to provide forums for the public to do philosophy alongside trained philosophers. PPI creates opportunities for members of the community beyond the university to engage in careful, reasoned discussion with one another about topics of deep concern. As the contemporary philosopher, John Campbell, notes, “Philosophy is thinking in slow motion. It breaks down, describes and assesses moves we ordinarily make at great speed...It then becomes evident that alternatives are possible.” Outside the university, there are too few spaces for thinking in slow motion in conversation with others. By providing such spaces, PPI fills a unique role in society. Our discussions are framed by philosopher-facilitators so that the central questions are accessible and focused, and the discussions yield thoughtful exchanges from multiple perspectives. In our core programs, facilitators guide the discussions in real-time toward issues of central importance and away from pitfalls in reasoning, while remaining officially neutral on which position one should take on the central issues.

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The Philosophy Department faculty participate in Philosophy in the Public Interest, a program for creating opportunities for deliberation and reflection to benefit the people and communities of northern Arizona.