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NAU Professional Education Programs

NAU Professional Education Programs (PEP) is a unit of the Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs. The mission of the Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs is to intentionally foster expertise, practices, and internal and external relationships to ensure quality, integrity, and continuous advancement of the Northern Arizona University educational experience. NAU PEP coordinates the assessment, accreditation, and student teaching for NAU’s four colleges offering initial teacher preparation, advanced, and other school personnel degree programs that prepare graduates to work in P-12 settings.

Initial Teacher Preparation Programs

Vision, Mission, Core Values, and Strategic Goals



NAU Professional Education Programs will attract a diverse pool of candidates to develop educational leaders who create tomorrow’s opportunities.


We prepare competent and committed professionals to make positive differences for children, and young adults in schools.

NAU Values

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Professional Education Programs Core Values

Student Success – Learner-Centered Education
Educational Access & Diversity – Commitment to Diversity
Excellence in Education – Innovation and Inquiry
Integrity & Civility – Advocacy
Excellence in Education – Lifelong Learning

Strategic Goals

GOAL 1: Prepare highly effective teacher candidates to meet the current and changing needs of school communities and the state

GOAL 2: Increase recruitment efforts of diverse candidates for initial teacher preparation programs

GOAL 3: Foster, support, and disseminate research results of NAU Professional Education Faculty that advance the effectiveness of teaching and learning curricula, practices, and policies

GOAL 4: Develop a university supported quality assurance system that supports continuous improvement of initial teacher preparation programs

Professional Education Programs & Program Evaluation Information