Olson Scholars Learning Community

group 2

The Olson Scholars Learning Community will provide a supportive foundation that encourages students to question, alter, inspect, and challenge their experiences for the purpose of constructive self-actualization.

Starting on August 2 and throughout your first year, you will be a member of the Olson Scholar Learning Community in Cowden Hall.  As a member of this prestigious Learning Community, you will:

  • participate in a liberal studies course together. The liberal studies course will focus on social justice and social activism, providing you with an avenue to create social change while earning 3 credits and completing the liberal studies requirement.
  • participate in NAU 100 together. This Transition to College course will pick up where the Olson Scholars Institute ended, and you will explore college success while supporting one another through the sometimes challenging transitions during your freshmen year.
  • meet weekly with the Learning Community. Learning community participants have higher grade point averages and success from the freshman year through graduation than students who do not live within a learning community. This community will be your on-campus support network and generate life-long friends.
  • receive all of the benefits available through Student Support Services (SSS), as Olson Scholars are invited to become members of the SSS community.  This includes:
    • exclusive academic advisement
    • access to support workshops
    • a professional staff mentor
    • a $500 grant if you meet the participation criteria throughout your freshman year
  • meet monthly for a community-planned social event. These social events include:
    • dinner off campus in a faculty member’s home
    • a trip to Oak Creek in Sedona
    • a social activism event in northern Arizona
    • listening to a keynote speaker on campus

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