Charge and objectives


The charge of the UAC is to determine how the assessment of student learning outcomes offers Northern Arizona University an opportunity to strengthen its programs and enhance its accountability.

In keeping with shared governance, the committee will provide the university-wide perspective on student assessment as carried out in undergraduate and graduate programs, including those courses delivered on the Flagstaff campus as well as distance learning.

The committee will:

  • provide oversight
  • identify key issues
  • develop recommendations
  • develop policies with respect to institution-wide assessment of student learning

The committee will also:

  • identify gaps in assessment information
  • recommend changes in assessment processes
  • review the usefulness of assessment strategies, reporting strategies, and feedback processes
  • ensure that assessment data is used to inform decision-making at Northern Arizona University

The committee will maintain close communications with the Faculty Senate, the Office of Academic Assessment, and other appropriate committees, administrative bodies, and academic units.

The committee has developed a set of bylaws that address membership, terms, election process and scope of responsibility.


The objectives of the UAC are to:

  • review, develop, and recommend institutional assessment procedures and policies
  • develop mechanisms for using assessment data in decision-making
  • review the usefulness of assessment strategies, reporting strategies, and feedback processes
  • review the place of pre-assessment models at Northern Arizona University
  • work in cooperation with the Office of Curriculum, Learning Design, and Academic Assessment and assist in:
  • familiarizing faculty with the uses of assessment to strengthen student learning
  • helping faculty understand issues and strategies of assessment
  • interpreting assessment data for decision-makers
  • facilitating periodic evaluation of the academic assessment effort at the university
  • soliciting proposals and awarding funding, as available, for programmatic and department assessment activities and initiatives
  • carry out other duties as charged by the Faculty Senate