Dear Parents,

What an exciting time for you and your child to explore a summer enrichment program.  The Nizhoni Academy at NAU provides an academic, personal, and social experience that approximates collegiate life.  I understand that you may have questions and concerns to determine if this program is the right fit for your child.

Many different types of students have had successful summers at the Nizhoni Academy.  It is important for parents to understand, however, that the Academy might not be a good match for some students. Students at Nizhoni need sufficient energy, concentration, and stamina to get through a full, busy, and structured schedule. We expect a lot from our students in terms of their ability to handle the choices and responsibilities they are given with an appropriate level of maturity. If parents or guardians have any questions as to whether the Academy is the right place for their child, we ask that they please contact our office before sending in an application.

The Nizhoni Academy not only forms a relationship with the student who attends our program, but also with his or her parents or guardians. For Nizhoni to work in a positive and safe way for our students, parents/guardians must be able to support our policies and procedures. 

Before your student is selected to participate, please make sure the student will be able to attend the ENTIRE session. The Academy has an overall curricular plan that includes classes, activities, speakers, and trips, as well as residential and student life. Because the Academy is only four weeks long, it is not appropriate for a student to miss several days, or part of each day, whether at the beginning, middle, or end of each session. If other obligations mean a student will miss several days or more, the student and parents should reconsider applying for admission. 

Nizhoni Academy is an opportunity for your child to discover, to invent, and to create a life enhancing experience.  We would like to welcome your child to the Academy community.


Princess Benally