Goal and Vision of The Academy

The major goal of the Academy is to empower students to develop academic, emotional, interpersonal, citizenship, leadership and life long learning skills, in order to achieve personal growth and life success. Students learn to balance their academic expectations and their community responsibilities.

Nizhoni Academy’s objectives strive to:


  1. Support the academic pre-college bridge program that provides additional preparation for students to successfully adapt to residential college life.
  2. Encourage students to embrace their personal values regarding their culture and communities.


The Nizhoni Academy summer enrichment program which focuses on:

  • Recruiting traditionally underrepresented students (low income, rural communities and first generation college bound);
  • Providing a 4 to 6-week summer enrichment program for high school students on the NAU campus to experience collegiate life; 
  • Providing a STEM based curriculum; and
  • Ensuring a successful transition from high school to post-secondary education.