Flagstaff Campus: Growing Smarter, Stronger

With years of steadily increasing enrollment at Northern Arizona University’s Flagstaff campus, it is clear the traditional, residential campus experience continues to be a big draw for many college-bound students. 

Even with these record numbers, students still find a university dedicated to small class sizes and personal attention. A decade ago, classes averaged 29 students in Flagstaff. Today, the Flagstaff campus averages 31 students per class.

“We have grown a lot, but we’ve also grown our course offerings progressively,” said Karen Pugliesi, vice provost for Academic Affairs. “We consider our recruiting targets and projections a year in advance, and evaluate our capacity to meet those needs. We have expanded and we’re using what we’ve added efficiently.”

This commitment to efficiencies is what will guide the university toward its goal to grow the Flagstaff campus to 25,000 students by 2020, a charge set by the Arizona Board of Regents. But it is the university’s commitment to quality that will sustain that growth—quality that is consistently reflected in student feedback showing the university is engaged in effective educational practices.

Students can expect a campus that will continue to accommodate them, with future plans that include a new transit spine down the center of campus, a new pedestrian/bicycle bridge that better connects north and south campus, and the addition of perimeter parking structures. Additional campus housing, open spaces and refurbished academic buildings also will contribute to a welcoming and sustainable learning environment.