National & International Scholarships and Fellowships (NISF)

Nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships not only bring a financial award, but also prestige that helps you build a distinguished career, permanent membership in a network of outstanding professionals, and life-changing experiences. The NAU National Scholarship Coordinator helps students refine their applications and connect to resources in order to be more competitive. 

Starting early in your search for major scholarships and fellowships is crucial: 

  • identify awards and opportunities of interest early in your academic career 
  • build a record suited to your goals, values and award criteria 
  • begin work on applications months in advance of the deadline
  • leave plenty of time for feedback and multiple revisions 

This website can help you become more competitive, locate opportunities, and craft a solid application draft. 

For Application Assistance

To apply for a national or international scholarship requiring NAU nomination, make an appointment with the National Scholarship Coordinator (or other specified campus representative), as soon as possible. Please bring a detailed resume. You will need to meet the NAU internal application requirements and deadline!

To apply directly to other national or international scholarships, as well as significant regional scholarships, make an appointment with the National Scholarship Coordinator for application feedback. Please send a resume, a link to scholarship selection criteria, and your application/essay drafts well in advance of the deadline.

Take advantage of the Writing Center and your academic mentors for additional feedback. (Exceptions are the Rhodes and Mitchell Scholarships, which prohibit direct feedback on your scholarship essays.)

For NAU Scholarships and Study Abroad Assistance

The NISF office is not part of NAU Financial Aid and does not administer any NAU scholarships or federal/university financial aid funding.   

Students seeking financial support to attend NAU should contact a financial aid counselor at or 1-855-628-6333. See the NAU Financial Aid website for types of aid and NAU scholarships information. Students should also speak with faculty in their department. See other ideas for finding support at Searching for Scholarships.

Find international opportunities that provide NAU credit toward your degree by talking with a study abroad advisor in your countries of interest at the NAU Center for International Education (CIE). See NAU Study Abroad scholarships to help fund them.  Sometimes, existing financial aid can be used toward a study abroad opportunity as well.