Searching for Scholarships

There are thousands of opportunities out there, so finding the best opportunities for you will always entail personal research.  Here are some places to begin.  

Use your network

  • Talk to people in your field: your advisor, department chair, professors, internship coordinator, employers.
  • Become active with your field's professional organization and take advantage of their resources.
  • If applicable, explore opportunities with the government agency for your field on federal, state, and local levels.
  • Make professional contacts with businesses, research organizations, schools, and nonprofits in your field.
  • Check opportunities through organizations and honorary societies you belong to (now and in the past).
  • Aspects of your identity may present scholarship opportunities: ethnic minority, gender, religion, hometown, financial need, or an unusual life in some way.

NAU-sponsored search engine for external funding

NAU graduate students can use the PIVOT search engine, sponsored by the NAU Vice President's Office for Research, to search for national and global funding opportunities, and to identify researcher expertise from within or beyond NAU.

Free online scholarship/fellowship search engines include:

We do not recommend paying for a scholarship search or applying to any scholarship or opportunity that charges an application fee without researching legitimacy.

Search via university databases

Some universities maintain their own scholarship search engines/databases, such as the ones below. Many are accessible to the public.

Other Search Vehicles

Google it!

Use your favorite Internet search engine: plug in key words ("your field" + "your concentration area" + "scholarship,"  or "scholarships for women," etc.).

Study Abroad

For study-abroad funding, contact schools of interest to see if they offer scholarships or other opportunities to international students.

International search resources to find institutions and/or funding include:

Scholarships for International Students

Finding scholarships international students can apply to

NAU scholarships for undergraduate international students who wish to study here 


 (If you discover a wonderful search resource, please share with the coordinator to benefit your fellow Lumberjacks!)