Mitchell Scholarship

NAU's Mitchell Representative:  Melissa Hatfield Riggs
Internal Deadline to Apply Through NAU:  July 6, 2015 preliminary materials
Official Website:

What does a Mitchell Scholarship fund?

The Mitchell Scholarship offers the opportunity to pursue one year of postgraduate study in any field at one of 11 institutions of higher learning on the island of Ireland. The scholarship provides tuition, accommodation, a stipend for living expenses, and travel.


The US-Ireland Alliance is dedicated to consolidating existing relations between the United States and the island of Ireland and building that relationship for the future. The organization connects current and emerging Irish and American leaders in various spheres—including education, politics, business and the arts—for the mutual benefit of both countries. The Mitchell Scholarship's goal is to provide tomorrow's leaders with an understanding about, an interest in, and an affinity for the island of Ireland.


  • Must be 18 years of age but not yet 30 by October 1 of application year 
  • Must be U.S. citizen 
  • Must have undergraduate degree in any field from an accredited university before beginning study
  • Do not have to be Irish-American to apply

Criteria for Selection 

  • Sustained commitment to public service and community
  • Scholarly excellence and intellectual curiosity
  • Outstanding record of leadership
Must have a compelling and logical reason to study in the UK at Oxford.

Application Components

  • Rank at least three different university choices
  • NAU endorsement letter
  • List of principal activities
  • Four letters of recommendation 
  • A personal statement which must be certified by the applicant as wholly truthful and his or her own work.  In other words, no feedback from anyone.
  • Transcripts, photo
  • Semifinalist video (Skype) interview (late Oct)
  • Finalists interview in Washington, DC (late November)

NAU Internal Deadline and Process

  • Explore the Mitchell website thoroughly. 
  • Notify me as the Mitchell Representative of your interest and feel free to make an appointment (in person or via Skype) to discuss your career plans and this opportunity.
  • Review my Tips for Applications section.
  • Send a detailed resume, unofficial transcript, and Mitchell form to the Mitchell Representative by July 6, 2015.
  • Finish the essay and the online application by August 3. Notify the Mitchell Representative that your application is available and discuss with her when she will read your polished essay. 
  • Have references send their letters to the Mitchell Representative by August 3 (before uploading!).
  • Work with the Mitchell Representative throughout for application and general writing questions and non-essay feedback.
  • Finalized online application by September 23 to avoid system overload. Official deadline of October 1, 2015.


Please refer your recommendation writers to my Tips for Recommenders. Please also see applicant tips on Working with References.

Note: I absolutely want to review recommendation letters or forms before they are uploaded to the scholarship application site, so ask your writers to send their letter to me at by or before August 3.