Interviewing for Scholarships

Recommended for Interviews

(Jane Curlin, Udall Foundation)

  • Engage confidently in the exchange of ideas; respectful differences of opinion are expected and even welcomed.
  • Know the difference between a debate and an argument, and avoid engaging in the latter.
  • Take a moment to think before you answer. Ask for clarification if you need to.
  • Don't be afraid to admit that you don't know; do be afraid to fake it.
  • Know when to stop. If you feel that you could talk forever on a particular topic, ask the committee if they would like you to go into more detail.
  • No matter how well you prepare, you will be asked questions you can't anticipate. Expect the unexpected.
  • No matter if you feel like you've just made a fool of yourself,  move on. You will handle other questions well. 
  • Be honest; be confident; be yourself.

Common Interview Mistakes

(Truman Foundation)
  • Failing to answer the question that was asked.
  • Not being succinct in the responses and taking too long to answer the question.
  • Trying to guess what the panel wants to hear rather than providing an honest answer.
  • Being either too staid or too nervous and not permitting the panel to see the personality behind the accomplishments.

(National Selectors Top 5, reported by Reed College)

  • Taking the interview as an exercise in defense rather than discussion.
  • Using the words "never" and "always."  That simply opens you up to a forced withdrawal.
  • Being falsely confident.  It is fine to be phased; it is acceptable to be a bit embarrassed.
  • Refusing to say "I don't know."
  • Attributing everything you know on a given subject to a particular book read in a particular course.  In such cases, "you" disappear, and the book takes your place.

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