Military Institutional Excuse Form

Please Read the following carefully:

Students: You are responsible for notifying class instructors and giving them a copy of the approved Military Excuse Form at least 5 working days prior to your scheduled departure.

If you are not within this time frame, do not fill out the form, instead, you must contact the Veteran Success Center directly at 928.523.VETS (8387).


NAU Military Institutional Excuse Policy:

A military institutional excuse is granted to a student to participate in military events/drills based on official military orders. This also covers medical appointments with the Department of Veterans Affairs, including treatment and referrals to non-VA facilities. Please submit your request at least 10 days in advance of leave to allow time for processing. The military excuse is first validated through appropriate documentation by the Director of Veteran and Transfer Services with final approval by the Dean of Students. Class Instructors are required to honor the military institutional excuse. To honor this excused absence means to permit the student to complete in advance or to make up after the absence (at the discretion of the instructor) academic assignments, quizzes and examinations missed during the time covered by the military excuse when the student was not in attendance. There is no penalty for classes missed attendance points deducted with an approved military institutional excuse. Students are responsible for notifying class instructors and giving them a copy of the approved military excuse form at least 5 working days (or one class period if the class meets less frequently than every five days) prior to start of the time period it covers. Class instructors are not required to honor military excuses presented to them less than the stipulated time period stated in the previous sentence. Given the challenges that students face in gathering appropriate documentation from their Commanding Officer, the student will have two business days upon their return from drill or other military orders to provide the appropriate supporting documentation. If the documentation is not provided within the two business day timeframe, the military institutional excuse request will be rescinded and class instructors will be notified by Veteran and Military Services.


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