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Veterans day

Veteran Profiles

Every Veteran has their own story, see how Lumberjack highlighted some of the student veterans on campus.
Andrew Holt Frazier
Mark McCrorie
Austin Cox
Eric Williams

Read what fellow veterans have to say about the Veteran Success Center.

Military veterans looking to earn a college degree after active duty face unique challenges compared with recent high school graduates... Read more.

Read what fellow veteran Mark McCrorie has to say about Veterans Day.

Veterans Day is important to me. It’s a day for honoring the strife undertaken by those possessed with a sense of duty. It is a day where the country acknowledges the crucibles faced by those we send to war... Read more.

NAU Named Best for Vets 2016

Northern Arizona University has been designated a ‘Best for Vets’ university for student veterans, making the Military Times list for 2016. NAU ranked 66 in the nation... Read more.
NAZ report on Best for Vets
See the rankings here

NAU and Franke College of Business Named Military Friendly 2016

Nau prides itself at meeting the unique needs of military and veteran students... Read more.

The FCB prides itself on creating a culture that is welcoming, supportive, and inclusive of those who have served... Read more.

NAU Named Best for Vets 2015

Read more.

New Veteran Success Center Grand Opening

Read more.

Community Briefs: NAU College of Business named ‘Best for Vets’

Northern Arizona University’s W.A. Franke College of Business has been named one of the nation’s top business schools for veterans by Military Times in its “Best for Vets: Business Schools 2014” rankings... read more

Coconino County Recognizes Wounded Veterans

During a February County Board of Supervisors meeting the board proclaimed Coconino as a Purple Heart County... read more

The first annual NAU Military and Veteran Appreciation Night with the Phoenix Suns, February 28th, 2014

We were so grateful to welcome our veterans and current military students and alumni to watch the Suns take on the New Orleans Pelicans. Thanks for making it to the game and thank you for your service to our country... view the image gallery

Veteran finds Comrades on Campus

For Daniel Driss, the transition from active combat duty on the front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan to undergraduate student at NAU could have been a bumpy road. He turned to NAU’s ROTC office in 2008, and then to the Office of Military and Veteran Affairs when it was established in 2010. In both he found a comfortable and familiar environment among people who understood what he had seen and where he had been... read more

Military 'Friendly'? How about Military 'Dedicated'

“Military friendly school” is a phrase that is tossed around higher education a lot these days. What it means exactly is, well, difficult to more

Compound to Campus: Transitioning from the Military to Academia 

Our military students and veterans are some of the best and the brightest on campus. They often make the highest quality students because of their maturity, dedication and military training. However, many experience challenges in adjusting from military life to campus life. Retired Lt. Col. C. Andrew Griffin describes what life is like for veterans on campus and what staff and faculty can do to make their campus military friendly and a supportive environment in which all students can thrive... read more

Northern Arizona University named a ‘Best College’ for military vets

For Northern Arizona University ranks as the top school for military veterans in Arizona and throughout the Southwest, and among the top third of colleges and universities more