Volunteer Information

Nita Hull-Carlsonjuanita.hull-carlson@prescott.edu
Royce Carlsonroycenita@gmail.com

Walnut Creek Center for Education and Research
21125 W. Walnut Creek Rd.
Prescott, AZ 86305
(928) 445-3831

We are always interested in students and volunteers of all backgrounds and ages. We can offer credit from any of our consortium institutions. Currently we are looking for people interested in the following:

  • developing interpretative signage
  • working on historical displays
  • barn renovation
  • promotion and grant writing
  • fence construction
  • bird surveys
  • plant inventory and monitoring
  • riparian restoration and planning
  • developing summer programs for at-risk youth
  • headroom fruit tree preservation and planting
  • archaeological surveys
  • arts and writing