Support MPCER

Please consider making a charitable gift to support the efforts of the Merriam-Powell Center for Environmental Research. Your gift can make an invaluable difference. For example, a gift of $500 from a community member this year was used to purchase badly needed equipment and supplies for MPC's Summer Bug Camp, a week-long summer camp that gives young people a hands-on opportunity to explore the world of insects and learn about our natural environment. One parent who is a local teacher wrote to say, "My boys had SUCH an amazing experience....I would love to give my students similar experiences." Your financial support will ensure more amazing experiences for local young people as well as support educational opportunities and research needed to address significant environmental challenges, including climate change and biodiversity loss.

If you have questions or wish to support a specific aspect of our work, please contact Neil Cobb, Merriam-Powell Center Director. If you prefer to speak to Neil by phone, please call 928-607-4075.