Bug Show

Traveling Arthropod Show

What elementary student (or adult) is not fascinated by bugs? The Traveling Arthropod Show brings the wonderful world of bugs to K-12 classrooms and places where people want to learn more about spiders, millipedes, and insects. The Traveling Arthropod Show features both live and preserved arthropods, so that participants have the opportunity for hands-on experiences with arthropods. The presentation focuses on the biology, ecology, and natural history of various native and nonnative arthropod species.

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Bug Camp

Summer Bug Camps 

Summer Bug Camp is a fun way for children age 6 to 10 to learn about insect natural history and biodiversity through a series of fun projects and activities. Campers collect insects, create mazes for bugs, build their own insect, and cook and eat insect cuisine. Summer bug camps take at Willow Bend Environmental Education Center. The summer bug camp is just one of the several collaborative activities between the Merriam-Powell Center and Willow Bend Environmental Center. .

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