The Colorado Plateau Museum of Arthropod Biodiversity (CPMAB) houses more than 250,000 specimens, including the wide diversity of taxa from the Colorado Plateau and comparative specimens from around the world. The CPMAB focuses its collection on insects (Hexapoda) but includes many spiders, scorpions (Arachnida), and centipedes and millipedes (Myriopoda). In terms of geographic area, the CPMAB centers its attention on the Colorado Plateau and adjacent regions in the southwestern United States.

The CPMAB’s specimens are used to support education, research, and public outreach. Through these activities, the CPMAB is not only improving understanding of the Colorado Plateau’s arthropods, but also supporting the efforts of ecologists working on projects related to conservation and biodiversity.

CPMAB curators are also available to provide entomological consultations, including identifying insects and spiders and providing information about the specimen’s biology.