Plant Identification

When an acceptable specimen with locality information is donated to the ASC, herbarium staff will identify plants for nonprofit organizations, individuals, or governmental agencies.

Consultants, book authors, and other for-profit entities will be charged fees for services.  Please contact the Deaver Herbarium for a cost estimate.

Digital Access to Collections

All specimens processed at ASC are imaged, cataloged, and added to a publicly available database maintained by Arizona State University and available through the Southwest Environmental Information Network, or SEINet, website. From this website, data from larger state herbaria and many smaller herbaria are searchable using a suite of online tools that include the ability to make a species list for a user-defined area and identify unknown species using interactive keys.

In-person Research

The Deaver Herbarium is open to visitors, professional and non-professional. Staff is available to provide tours for educational purposes or to demonstrate how to use herbarium resources to indentify plant material. If you wish to study or tour the collection, please make an appointment before visiting.

Specimen Loans

Loans of specimens are made to other institutions for research purposes.