John Spence

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area
PO Box 1507
Page, AZ 86040
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M.Sc., Biology, Utah State University

Ph.D., Botany, University of British Columbia


National Park Service Senior Scientist, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area; Adjunct Faculty, Department of Biological Sciences, Northern Arizona University; Visiting Scientist, Arboretum at Flagstaff; Visiting Scientist, Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney Australia; Participant, Flora of the Cape Horn Island Archipelago (Chile) Project

Research interests

John’s research interests include biogeography and evolution of Colorado Plateau flora, especially endemic and rare species; vegetation ecology and classification; bryophyte and vascular plant systematics; bird inventory, monitoring, and ecology; and ecological effects of climate change.

Current research

  • Flora of Cape Horn Island Archipelago, Chile
  • Systematics of Bryum
  • Biogeography, ecology, and floristics of the hanging gardens of the Colorado Plateau
  • Bryophyte flora of Arizona
  • Rare plant studies on the Colorado Plateau
  • Flora of the San Juan River Basin

Selected publications

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Spence, J.R. In press. A new look at ranking plant rarity with an emphasis on the American Southwest. Calorchortiana 1.

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