Field Trip

Blackbrush Post-Symposium Field Trip

Thursday, September 19, 8 AM to 2 PM 

A half-day field trip north from Flagstaff  to blackbrush country will be held as a complement to the Symposium on Blackbrush Ecology and Management held earlier in the week. Interested conference participants are welcome to  join the excursion. Detailed arrangements will be announced at the symposium. 

Field trip participants will carpool north by private vehicle from Flagstaff on US 89 to visit blackbrush stands along the rim of the Little Colorado River, Arizona, then travel west on Highway 64 to the South Rim, Grand Canyon National Park, to view blackbrush stands in the canyon (from above) and have lunch, then return to Flagstaff via Highway 180 or via Highway 64 to Williams and back to Flagstaff on I-40. Total distance for the round trip is about 200 miles.

For more information, please contact Susan Meyer.