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Changes to the NAU Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance plan which took effect January 1, 2017:

1. The co-pay at Campus Health Services is $10 per service (preventative care is free!)  
2. There is a $150 deductible that must be paid before any benefit is paid. So, the first time you use your insurance this year, you will pay $150.00 ($300.00 per family).
3. There is now a $10 copay for most services after your deductible is met. This is applied to all office visits and the services listed below:
      a. Allergy Injections. Campus Health Services charges a nurse visit when giving allergy injections. This will require the patient to pay a $10 co-pay.
          Patients needing allergy injections may want to check with their allergist to see if their office will charge a visit.
      b. Other nurse visits such as ear washes, birth control refills, hormone injections, electrocardiogram, wound care, and suture removal.
      c. X-ray (if not received on the same day as the office visit)
      d. IUD insertions
      e. Any procedures performed in the office such as mole removals, wart removal, etc.
4. There are no copays for:
     a. Immunizations
     b. Labs      
     c. Preventative Services

Frequently Asked Questions:

I currently have the NAU Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan. Can I receive my care at Medical Services?

Yes. Faculty and staff that are insured by the NAU Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance can receive their primary care services at Campus Health Services, Medical Services. The staff member pays a $10.00 visit co-pay (except for preventative services there is no co-pay) and the office visit fee and all ancillary services are billed to Blue Cross Blue Shield.  Spouses and domestic partners of NAU Blue Cross Blue Shield covered employees having this coverage as their primary or secondary insurance can be seen at CHS Medical Services.  However spouses or domestic partners with other health insurance as their primary coverage can have another BCBS, United or Aetna or Cigna plan or pay out of pocket at time of service.  Former spouses of eligible employees covered by a COBRA plan are not eligible.

I would like to pay for my copay on the day I receive services. Can I pay my copay at Medical Services?

Yes, CHS now accepts payments at the Check Out desk located on the first floor right next to the Check In area. All co-pays should be paid at time of service or will be posted to your LOUIE account, after the claim has been processed (about 2 weeks), if you do not pay your copay on date of service. If a spouse or domestic partner visits CHS they must pay for their copay/deductible on the date of service.

I have a flexible spending account and need an itemized bill. How do I go about getting a statement?

There are several ways to get an itemized bill:
  • Fill out a “Request of Charges” located at CHS’s Patient Services desk. We can mail or fax you your itemized statement.
  • Email to request your statement.
  • Call the Administration Office at (928) 523-6343.
  • Log on to Campus Health Online to view your statements. 

I made an appointment but cannot make it or I am running late, what do I do?

If you cannot make an appointment you will need to either log on to Campus Health Online or call (928) 523-8995 to cancel your appointment. If you do not cancel your appointment in an appropriate amount of time you will be charged a "no show" fee that varies depending on the type of appointment that is made. If you are running late, please call (928) 523-8995 to inform us you will be late. If you are more than 10 minutes late to an appointment there is a chance you will not be able to see the provider and you will be charged the "no show" fee.

I am a NAU employee but do not have insurance through NAU. Can I receive services at Medical Services?

Yes, if you are an employee of NAU you can obtain services at CHS. The fee is $78.00 to see a provider plus extra for any labs, x-rays, or procedures. If you are covered under BCBS, Aetna, Cigna or UHC insurance, we will bill your insurance for you.

I was injured while working at NAU. Can I obtain services for Worker’s Compensation through CHS?

Yes, CHS is a contracted provider for State Risk. We will work with you and Human Resources to complete all of the necessary paperwork and bill State Risk for the services.
All NEW worker compensation patients must call 1-800-685-2877 to initially speak with a registered nurse at the State of Arizona Worker's Compensation Employee Injury Call Center.