Major Medical insurance plan

This group health insurance provides group coverage to students who are uninsured, need a less expensive alternative, or need an Arizona provider network.

Primary care is covered at Medical Services with a $15 co-pay for each office visit and $10 copay for lab or x-ray.

Insurance plan eligibility

The following groups of students are eligible for coverage:

  • Undergraduate students, if they are enrolled in a program of study and meet the following criteria:
    • are taking at least six units
    • have a consortium agreement to take courses at a qualified college with an overall credit hour total of at least six units
    • are in a co-op program
  • Undergraduate seniors may enroll with less than seven units if they are in their last semester to achieve their final graduation requirements and had the insurance coverage in the prior semester.
  • Graduate students, if they are enrolled in a graduate degree or certificate program and are taking at least three credit hours or one dissertation/thesis hour
  • Graduate non-degree students must meet the following criteria:
    • have applied to a degree program and be taking at least six transferable units
    • enrolled in a certificate program
    • area full-time student taking at least nine units
  • Graduate Assistants or Associates who are officially hired with a signed and filed notice of appointment and taking at least six units of graduate credit
  • Post-doctoral fellows, visiting scholars, or visiting professors
  • All international students, regardless of his or her fitting into one of the above classifications, and regardless of the number of units being taken, are automatically enrolled in the plan.

Students who are eligible for or are enrolled under Medicare are not eligible to enroll under the plan.

Correspondence courses do not fulfill the eligibility requirement. If it is discovered that this eligibility requirement has not been met, our only obligation is to refund premium, minus any claims paid.

Information about the student health insurance plan, and links to the summary of benefits and enrollment form, are below. If you have additional questions after reviewing this information, please e-mail

Automatic enrollment

After enrolling for one complete semester, our process will automatically enroll you for the insurance in each following semester.  Because eligibility is based upon current credit hours, you should check on your LOUIE account or call our office to verify enrollment.

Semester premiums


Fall 2017


Spring 2018


Summer Only 2018

Full Year 2017-18






Plan Year 2016-2017

Summary of Benefits with this plan

Northern Arizona University Campus Health Services benefits include:

  • $15 office visit co-pay at Medical Services
  • $10 co-pay for laboratory and radiology services at Medical Services
  • $15 office visit copay at Counseling Services

In-network benefits include:

  • $25 co-pay for mental health/chemical dependency
  • $0 copay for preventative care
  • $0 co-pay charge for women's health including maternity
  • $25 charge for urgent care center visits
  • $200 co-pay for emergency room visit, which is waived if admitted
  • Hospitalizations are covered at 80 percent with a maximum of $1,500 out-of-pocket cost
  • $250 medical deductible for in-network and $1000 for out-of-network
  • 20% co-insurance 
  • $125 prescription drug deductible (birth control covered at 100%) then tiered copay
  • Maximum out-of-pocket  amounts of:
    • $1,500 in-network
    • $3,000 out-of-network for individuals

Other benefits include:

  • Unlimited annual limit with no pre-existing limitations
  • Unlimited repatriation benefit
  • Unlimited medical evacuation benefit
Services NOT Covered (This is not a complete list. Check the Aetna Student Health website for more information.)
  • Weight loss programs
  • Dental care (adults) - optional dental plan available
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Infertility Treatment
  • Acupuncture
  • Long term care

How to sign up

All students wishing to enroll may select coverage by choosing one of the following:

  • Log on to LOUIE and click on "Purchase Student Health Plan/Insurance" on the self service page
  • Fill out an enrollment form and mail it to Medical Services
  • If you prefer to enroll over the phone, call our business office at 928-523-6343


The enrollment deadline is 14 days after the first day of classes each semester.