Learning for life

The mission of the Liberal Studies Program at NAU is to cultivate informed, responsible, productive, and self-reflective citizens of the world.

Traditionally, a Liberal Studies education has been regarded both as the education that is fitting for citizens of a free society and the education that best fits citizens to be free. In fact, the term "liberal" comes from the Latin word for freedom, so liberal studies can be understood as the acquisition of knowledge that can enrich human freedom or guide the wise use of it.

The Liberal Studies Program provides opportunities for you to develop a rich interdisciplinary perspective on life that complements the focused disciplinary capabilities you develop in your major.

Students develop the ability to engage with bodies of knowledge in the areas of Distribution Blocks
  • Aesthetic and Humanistic Inquiry
  • Cultural Understanding
  • Science and Applied Science
  • Social and Political Worlds 

In addition, students hone their essential skills in:  
  • critical thinking, 
  • effective writing, 
  • effective oral communication, 
  • scientific inquiry,
  • quantitative reasoning, and
  • creative or aesthetic thinking