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LGBTQIA Commission

The LGBTQIA Commission is organized to promote acceptance of LGBTQIA (Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender-Queer-Intersex-Ally) diversity, and to foster respect and appreciation for each member of the NAU community, including Extended Campuses students, faculty and staff.

We are bound by the common interest of promoting mutual respect, fairness, equity, and a climate of inclusivity on campus. The Commission is open to all current university employees, students, and select Flagstaff community members who agree with these objectives.

Employee Insurance Benefits for "Transgender Services"

The NAU PPO through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Arizona (BCBSAZ), which is one of the medical plans offered to benefit eligible employees, provides benefits for transgender services.  For details on the benefit please review the section titled ‘Transgender Services’ in the Benefit Book. For questions about the transgender benefit please can contact BCBSAZ. 

Flagstaff Claims office 928-526-0232 or 800-423-6484 

Group Number 0002 

Blue Preferred® Benefit Book (PDF)

    Presentations and Panels for Classes

    Contact us for information on presentations and panels for classes.