Research & Applications

Lab of Landscape Ecology and Conservation Biology

Our Lab of Landscape Ecology and Conservation Biology (LLECB) studies a wide range of topics in ecology and related disciplines that are directly linked to applications in conservation and land use. Most conservation challenges involve multiple species whose fates are influenced by numerous factors playing out at the landscape level. The Lab addresses these challenges not only through basic research in ecology, but also through synthesis and application of research results in land and resource management, education, and public outreach. Increasingly, we are involved in projects to develop and test novel approaches for integrating rigorous science into planning and policy development, particularly as it relates to the restoration, conservation, and sustainable management of public lands. These projects draw on intensive field research and techniques in remote sensing, geographic information systems, and advanced spatial and statistical modeling.

Conservation Science Partners

The LCI also collaborates with Conservation Science Partners, a nonprofit organization started by Lab of Landscape Ecology and Conservation Biology co-director, Brett Dickson. Working with cutting-edge geospatial and remote sensing technology, CSP applies human ingenuity to conserve species and ecosystems as well as develops partnerships with conservation practitioners.

  • Column - CPLUNA
    Column - CPLUNA

    Grassland Conservation

    An experimental research program that involves divergent interests in the grazing debate including ranchers, environmentalists, public servants, and interested citizens

  • Column - Norther NMLA
    Column - Norther NMLA

    Landscape Assessments

     Collaborative, landscape-scale efforts that engage stakeholders in a series of meeting and workshops to identify and prioritize conservation areas