Kane and the two mile ranches on the kaibab plateau

The Kane and Two Mile Ranches, owned and operated by the Grand Canyon Trust, comprise over 850,000 acres on the Kaibab and Paria Plateaus, and include some of the most extensive public wildlands in the Southwest. Recently, large stand-replacing fire events on the Kaibab Plateau, rangeland degradation at lower elevations, and the decline of riparian habitats across the region have heightened concerns about land management, restoration, conservation, and sustainable ranching practices, and stakeholders in the region have organized to develop new, broad-scale land and resource management strategies. To inform restoration, fire management, and sensitive and invasive species management scenarios on the Kane and Two Mile Ranches, we are developing integrative models of fundamental ecological attributes and processes, for diverse ecosystems across this vast project area. The results of our efforts are supporting a science-driven approach to collaborative land and resource management at the landscape level, and facilitating a new management paradigm for ecological restoration and conservation planning in the region.


For more information, check out this link to the Kane and Two Mile Ranches Program website.