University-Owned Vehicles

Use of University-Owned Vehicles: NAU employees shall be covered within the limitations of A.R.S. §41-621, et seq., while driving a University-owned or non-State-owned vehicle in the course and scope of employment (“Who is Covered” from State Risk Management and Arizona Administrative Code R2-10-107.A.1 through 3).  Each agency will ensure that anyone authorized to operate a University-owned vehicle or non- owned vehicle on University business, has a valid Arizona driver's license.  Coverage shall be on a primary basis for University-owned vehicles and on an excess basis for non- owned vehicles.

Volunteer Drivers: Volunteers are those persons doing University work under the direction and control of University officials and are not being paid by anyone for these activities.  Liability coverage is extended to ‘registered’ volunteers acting at the direction of University officials and within the course and scope of their State-authorized activities (Arizona Administrative Code R2-10-107.B and “Who Is Covered” from State Risk Management).  Registered volunteers (agents of the University) are provided the same liability protection afforded University employees.  Thus, registered volunteers acting within the course and scope of their State authorized activities would be covered for their liability exposure as agents of the State. 

To become a registered volunteer, the volunteer and his/her NAU supervisor must complete and submit a Volunteer Registration Form to Insurance and Claims Services (P. O. Box 4067).  Volunteer driver and his/her NAU supervisor must fill out and submit the Volunteer Registration Form to Insurance and Claims Services prior to any volunteer activities.  Refer to Volunteer Coverage section for more information. 

Uninsured / Under-Insured Motorist Coverage: State Risk Management does not provide uninsured or under-insured motorist coverage.  A University employee will not receive compensation from the State beyond that provided by State Workers’ Compensation statutes when the responsible party is uninsured or under-insured.  If the responsible party in a vehicle accident is uninsured or under-insured, injured passengers riding in the State vehicle have no liability coverage available from the State.  If a University employee is driving a personal vehicle and is transporting individual(s) that are not University employees, no under-insured or uninsured motorist coverage would be available on a secondary basis.

Transporting Family and Friends: The University employee shall not transport non-University passengers (for example family, friends, individuals not affiliated with NAU), which may jeopardize the employee’s liability coverage through State Risk Management.

Van Training:  If you are the authorized University driver of a 9 to 12 passenger van, you must be NAU van certified.  For more information, contact Frank Espinoza or Chris Johnson at 928-523-2469.

Windshield Damage: State Risk Management covers damage to windshields and windows on all University-owned vehicles.  If the damage occurs on campus and is criminal or vandalism, contact University Police Dispatch at 523-3611 to file a police report.  If the damage is weather related (caused by a road rock, etc.) fill out the on-line Damage Report to generate a claim.  In the case of auto glass, the State will cover losses under the $100 minimum amount for a claim.  The State of Arizona contracts with SAFELITE FULFILLMENT, INC. for all auto glass repairs to State (University) vehicles.

For more information on University-Owned Vehicles, contact the Insurance and Claims Services department at (928) 523-2009.