Renting Vehicle in Foreign Country

The State covers University employees while stationed or traveling outside the United States in the course and scope of employment.  If an employee rents a vehicle in a foreign country for use in the course and scope of employment for the University, the State will provide collision damage coverage.  However, to comply with local laws in foreign countries, State Risk Management recommends employees purchase the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) from the rental company at the time of renting the vehicle.  Purchasing this coverage is important since damage to the rental vehicle may become the responsibility of the driver under the terms of the rental agreement.  The rental company may demand payment for the damage immediately.  Although State Risk Management provides coverage for this, the State does not have claims staff in foreign countries, which can result in a delay in the claim process following your accident.  Visit the following State Risk Management link for information on Rental Vehicles:  Rental Vehicles

Note:  State Risk Management does not recommend purchasing CDW for vehicles rented and driven within the U.S. borders. 

For more information on Renting Vehicle in Foreign Country, contact the Insurance and Claims Services department at (928) 523-2009.